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Other services

  • Internal Auditing projects (organization of the plan and/or implementation of inspections in subsidiary companies, mostly abroad);
  • ​Support in drafting the Business Plan;
  • Translation of Italian accounting principles into IAS/IFRS (and US GAAP) for national and international groups (even in the estimate stage);
  • Drafting of financial and consolidated statements (statutory, divisional, IAS/IFRS, US GAAP, etc.);
  • Administrative check-ups, surveys, analysis and implementation of the administrative procedures concerning the main corporate cycles (purchase, sales, treasury, warehouse and physical inventories, assets, staff); drafting of job descriptions (also for SOX and Law 231/2001 purposes, concerning the company’s administrative responsibilities;
  • Supporting activities during the design and start-up phase of management control systems for small and medium-sized enterprises (also with the integration of software houses chosen by the customers);
  • Accounting and technical support activities, also during restructuring and/or insolvency procedures;
  • Expert witness and assistant - for accounting aspects - for extraordinary and/or judicial commissioners during insolvency procedures;
  • Training in accounting, auditing and balance subjects;
  • Translation of financial statements from Italian into English (and vice versa).