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Our mission

Developed thanks to the 20 year experience in national and international auditing and accounting services of its two operating partners, Andrea Fogarolo and Gian Luca Tognon, DF Audit S.p.A. - Auditing and Accounting Company, established in 2011 in Padua - a reliable technical point of reference for companies in the Triveneto area (and beyond), offering professional auditing and accounting services.

For DF Audit, a customer-based approach is essential. The final goal is to give an added value to its customers; however, DF Audit stands out for the ways in which it pursues this goal, and in how it shares its accounting, managerial, financial, etc. competences. - accrued during similar tasks, and always adapted to the customer’s special needs, by customizing the contents of the services offered, while preserving their quality and technical rigour.

One of DF Audit’s strengths is how it scrupulously

observes the professional and ethical standards (independence, ethics, good faith, reasonable nature) at the base of the auditing activities, and of all the professional services offered in general.

All DF Audit interns have a Master’s Degree in Economics - mostly obtained at the University of Padua or Venice. After a short internship to get to know the new members better, they are hired with open-ended contracts, and regularly attend both technical - accounting, auditing, balance, finance - and other professional training courses, to enhance a thorough growth of our human resources - English language, IT applications, etc.

Andrea Fogarolo and Gian Luca Tognon are the operating partners and technical beacons for their younger colleagues, who are currently carrying out (or have already completed) their training to sustain the State Examination and achieve qualification, to be registered to the auditors register. Some of their colleagues have already accrued significant professional experience, having been part of DF Audit since its foundation and having also worked for other auditing companies.